- I believe having your picture taken should be fun.  Let's make sure it is.  Feel free to ask me anything.

- My goal is to meet you, your kids and family where you are and and make something unique together.  Therefore, you don't have to worry about what to do. You just need to show up ready to enjoy yourself.

- I will direct you into your comfort zone. I spent 15+ years as an actress working on camera so I know how it feels to be in the other side of the lens.  Plan to hang out, chat and play.


A few specific tips:

- Wear comfortable, non constricting clothing.  New is fine but,  just make sure to cut price tags and hanging loops.  Its so much easier and more cost effective to be sure they never get into the picture than to have to do unnecessary retouching afterward.

-Parents, please have your child brush their teeth and wipe your child's face with a damp cloth before we begin shooting.  Sleepy seeds and residual food are better left out of the pictures.  (Of course this point is null if we are doing a 'good morning' shoot or something where your child is eating.)

- If you are bringing a baby or toddler to be photographed, its a good idea to bring multiple outfits.  Accidents happen and Plan B and sometimes C is necessary.

- For outdoor shoots with kids a special blanket is a good thing to bring along.  It can be a backdrop, toga or barrier between bare skin and itchy grass.

- A special lovey stuffed animal, favorite hat, book, instrument or a beloved costume can really make having your picture taken super fun.  Please encourage your your kiddos to bring important stuff to show me while we work.  I cannot overstate the effectiveness of letting them participate in preparing for our session in this way.

For Adults:

- Moms, if you are bringing your kids for a shoot, it never hurts to do your own hair and make up and wear a nice blouse.  If there is time, I will happily snap a few pictures of you with your kiddo.  Moms are never in enough shots with their kids because we are always taking the pictures.  Who knows, we might get a great shot in those last few seconds that you will cherish forever.  If you want to do this, please don't tell the kids that you will be a part of the session.  That will change the dynamic and we want the kiddos looking forward to having independent fun with me. Perceived spontaneity is key.

- Please, no pure white shirts in outdoor shoots. (They are ok if you have a sweater or scarf layer on top.)

- Please no large patterns or plaids.  Favor texture over patterns.

- Ladies, a plain blouse or sweater with a scarf can be super flattering.

- Please no tank tops.  

- Shirts without words or huge logos are better. Unless you specifically want to use it to make a comment.

- Please bring at least 3 shirt options to our shoot.  It is amazing how a different color or neckline can alter the mood in a picture and the shirt that is your favorite might not always be the most flattering one in pictures.

- Makeup makes a difference and its worth a bit of effort.  If you would like the name of a great make up artist, let me know.  Otherwise, do a regular daytime face and bring your makeup along for touch ups.