Things people have said about my work..

"You have a knack for capturing joy."  - Bob (photographer)

'I want to be any age as long as you are the photographer.' - Elzsa (bride & wedding guest)

'Sarah, you can imagine I have seen a million wedding photos, but never this the movement, the sense of adventure, its joyful.  I love your work.' Roger (Pastor for 40 years)

'I want us to time travel to 1994 and have your photograph our wedding.  Your work makes my heart happy!' - Kathleen (artist)

'Your photos are fun as hell!' - Ross (groom)

'I love how you capture love.' Shirley (mother of bride)

'You took so many good shots! Thanks for being flexible with us.  You are an ass-kicker!' Andy (groom)

'That is a truly great and unique bridal photograph.' - Anne ( New Yorker)




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